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My husband and I just want to say "Thank You, Amy" for being our guardian angel in helping us get the help we need for my husband.

We could not have done it without the help and guidance of Amy. She is truly an angel from heaven!

- MK

For just being so helpful and patient and fulfilling a need! I appreciate what you are doing and know that our paths will cross many times!

My take away from yesterday was spend the money that I have paid into UNUM when needed and don't look back! I have given your card to my son and brother in MA.

Take care of yourself. Since your son is in HS and may need to write an essay for college, as a former guidance counselor and writer, I would be willing to look over any writing sample he may have to submit.

Warm regards,
Gail Braman

In late November 2016 I made a visit to my parents only to be hit with the fact that my dad had a terminal brain tumor and my mother had Alzheimer's disease which at that point was undiagnosed. Both of these issues are tough enough to deal with, but my situation was compounded by he fact that I live in NY and they were in Florida.

By the grace of god I received a referral to Amy Clearly which was an immediate game changer.  Amy was my angel and immediately met my mom, assessed her situation and in a short time was able to get me appointments with doctors I would not have been able to get on my own. Not being from the area I was in the dark as to which facilities to visit in search for a place to send my mom who was ultimately diagnosed with moderate to Severe Alzheimer's. 

Amy gave me several options as well as many tips regarding what to ask and what to look for in finding the right place for Mom.  I was able to get mom fully diagnosed and placed into a facility in just about a week and a half, a remarkable feat I would not have been able to accomplish without Amy's help and expertise.

I will forever be grateful that this Angel came into my life at the time I needed one the most.

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